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RFP Success Never Happens Solo

As a small business, you dream of having the budget and manpower to have a solo RFP team. We get that. But just because your business can’t support bringing on a team to support you in the RFP process, doesn’t mean you have to go through the RFP game alone.


With the launch of the RFP Success (r) Institute in Fall of 2018, all of the processes, systems, checklists, and knowledge that Lisa Rehurek and the RFP Success® Company bring to their one-on-one clients will be at your fingertips. Plus with live office hours you can borrow Lisa's brain with all of your specific RFP questions, allowing you to maximize every RFP your company submits and in turn maximize your abilities to get the “Yes!”



Our Fearless (and RidiculousLY Fun) RFP Success (R) Institute Leader, Lisa Rehurek

With 25 years of RFP knowledge behind her, The RFP Success® Institute founder - Lisa Rehurek - knows what it takes to get the “Yes!” Working with both the private and public sectors, Lisa intimately understands both sides of the table from examiner perspective as well as the submittal perspective. Her unique vantage point coupled with her love of strategy, systems, and simplicity has garnered her clients the following successes:


  • +80% improved proposals win rates

  • +70% revenue growth

  • +800% list size growth

  • 28% decrease in employee turnover

  • Increase client retention

  • Decreased expenses



A seven-time author and national speaker, Lisa is passionate about helping businesses win business by breaking through the RFP myths that stop companies in their tracks. With her latest book, The RFP Success® Book, she breaks down the tips, strategies, and “to-dos” that most businesses miss when submitting RFPs.


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